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Here’s a great way to internalize CAGED chord shapes throughout the neck. If you can visualize major and minor CAGED shapes throughout the neck, you then have a basis to expand into arpeggios and scales built off these familiar chord shapes. The basis of this Premium Lesson is to detail connecting CAGED shapes over four chord progressions throughout the entire neck, in five keys. Once you work through these exercises you’ll have a greater understanding of your fretboard, more possibilities to play rhythm guitar and eventually see arpeggio and scale shapes using these visulization tools. What is included in the download:

-Five 6 page PDF Work Through’s – detailing playing CAGED chord shapes throughout the neck, over four chord progressions in five keys.
-Audio Examples of each work through (at 120bpm)
-Overview Video – detailing how to practice each exercises
-Backing tracks of each Chord Progression at (60bpm, 90bpm, 120bpm in 5 Keys)
-Document detailing time stamps of each mp3, chord progressions and other vital details to working through these exercises

These are for those looking to internalize the fretboard and really delve into using CAGED Chord Shapes.

The file is nearly 1GB so please allow ample time to download. The Premium Lessons are downloaded as .zip files, if you have any problems questions refer to these links:

Windows –
Mac –
Linux –
(or google: “decompressing zip file for [your_operating_system_here])

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Oh and please leave a review if you can! 🙂

mp3 preview:

Backing Track preview:

PDF preview:

CAGED Chord Work Through_C_Preview

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