I have a video on Horizontal Scales, 2 string scales (major and pentatonic) and now 3 string horizontal scales. There’s really no need to go through 4 string or 5 string horizontal scales, but these different combinations of horizontal scales all serve us a purpose… seeing our scales in different lights to open up our fretboard.

Remember to always start and end on the root note and try this with all of our scales/modes. You see the light at the end of the tunnel? You’re almost there. Fretboard mastery is at your finger tips.

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0:25 – Horizontal Scales (Single String Scales)
0:25 – 2 String Horizontal Scales – Major Scale
1:00 – Major Scale Shapes | CO 7/10


 3 String Major Horizontal Scales, Horizontal Scales, 2 String Horizontal Major Scales & CAGED Major & Minor Scale Shapes

Scales Play Alongs