Here are some Modal Backing Tracks to jam to.

Here are some backing tracks, in which I go through the progression in 5 keys, and three tempos. I have the fretboard with the scale notes outlined along with chord shapes and arpeggio shapes throughout the fretboard. Click on the top left corner to view the whole playlist of different tempos/keys.

The titles are organized by a “Catchy Phrase” – Chord Progression | Key | Tempo. So if you’re looking for the same progression in a different key/tempo look for the last two numbers within the title.

What I mean by “shapes” are outlined through my series “CAGED Overview” series.

Chords as numbers giving you a hard time? Watch my “Usable Guitar Theory” series.

I don’t have guitars in the backing track so that you can try creating your own rhythm parts as well as soloing. Don’t forget to work on your rhythm playing just as often, if not more so, than your lead playing!


Major and Natural Minor Scales (All) | C Root Scales | A Root Scales | G Root Scales | E Root Scales | D Root Scales | CAGED

“Emily” | Pop Modal Vamp – Ionian (Major) – Backing Tracks

“Jenny” | Super Funky Modal Vamp – Mixolydian –  Backing Tracks

“Lila” | Rock Modal Vamp – Aeolian (Natural Minor) – Backing Tracks

“Nora” | Modern Drone Vamp – Practice Anything – Backing Tracks

“Zoe” | Hard Funk Modal Vamp – Dorian – Backing Tracks

“Olivia” | Deep Soul Modal Vamp – Lydian Dominant – V7#11 Backing Tracks

“Ava” | Rockin’ Funk Modal Vamp – Locrian – Backing Tracks

“Lily” | Laid Back & Groovin’ Modal Vamp – Lydian – Backing Tracks

“Emma” | Dark Rock Modal Vamp – Phrygian – Backing Tracks

“Savannah” | Mixing Modes – Backing Tracks

“Brooke” | Melodic Minor – Backing Tracks

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