Here are some videos to help you practice arpeggios!

These “Play Along” videos are to help you practice each chord/arpeggio/scale/rhythm/progression and any other concept that I’ve talked about in my video lessons. They’re here to make sure that you hear what the chord/arpeggio/scale is suppose to sound like so that you know you’re practicing it correctly. The arpeggios and scales are played at 60bpm, 90bpm and 120bpm to give you some variety in tempos and always with the root note of D. Chords are always played in the position given, 5th fret or with the root note of D.

The progressions play alongs have just the chords on the first beat, so you can use any version of the chord and any rhythm along with it and also you know when you’re supposed to be at the next chord.

I have free video lessons on all these concepts, so if you need help refer to them on my “Free Lessons” page

Every diagram on each video is available as a free PDF download on my “PDF’s” page.

Click the top left corner of video to see every video in the playlist/series!

Minor Triads

Minor Arpeggios


Minor 7 Arpeggios


Major Triads


Major Arpeggios


Major 7 Arpeggios


m7b5 Arpeggios


Dominant 7 Arpeggios


Major Wide Interval Triads

Augmented & Diminished


Minor Wide Interval Triads

Dominant 7 b9 Arpeggios

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