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Songs/Sound A-like Backing Tracks

-Auld Lang Syne (Rock)
-Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix (Standard Tuning)
-Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix
-“Frances” | Funky ii-V (Bbm – Eb7)
-Lights by Journey
-“Alberta” | Blues in E
-Hard to Handle by The Black Crowes
-“Mia” | Bb Mixolydian Jam
-Takin’ Care of Business by BTO
-Mama, I’m Coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne
-Mr. Blue Sky by ELO

Mixed Backing Tracks

-All with the tempo of 60bpm (Various Keys)
-All with the tempo of 90bpm (Various Keys)
-All with the tempo of 120bpm (Various Keys)
-All in the key of C (Various Tempos)
-All in the key of A (Various Tempos)
-All in the key of G (Various Tempos)
-All in the key of E (Various Tempos)
-All in the key of D (Various Tempos)

Major Progressions – Backing Tracks

-“Holly” | Sweet Sounding Major Progression – I IV I V (1415)
-“Amelia” | Most Common Major Progression – I V vi IV (1564)
-“Grace” | Groovin’ Major 251 – ii V I (251)
-“Anna” | Cool and Smooth Major Progression – I IV V I (1451)
-“Natalie” | Classic Major Progression – I vi ii V (1625)
-“Sarah” | Common Mixolydian Progression – I bVII IV I (1b741)
-“Victoria” | Bright and Lively Major Progression – I vi IV V (1645)
-“Audrey” | Relaxed Major Progression With a Twist – I III vi V (13dom65)
-“Lauren” | Fun Progression with a Twist – I vi IV iv (1644m)
-“Isabella” | Indie Pop Progression I iii ii V (1325)

Minor Progressions – Backing Tracks

-“Lucy” | Hip Minor Progression – i i VI V (1m1m65)
-“Ruth” | Most Common Minor Progression – vi IV I V (6415)
-“Skyler” | Hard Rocking Minor Progression – vi IV (64)
-“Allison” | Groovin’ Minor 251 – ii V i (251m)
-“Maria” | Groove Minor Progression – i vi V i (1m4m51m)
-“Alice” | Funky Dorian Progression – ii V (25)
-“Julia” | Awesome Minor Progression – vi iii ii V (6325)

Modal – Backing Tracks

-“Emily” | Pop Modal Vamp – Ionian (Major)
-“Jenny” | Super Funky Modal Vamp – Mixolydian
-“Lila” | Rock Modal Vamp – Aeolian (Natural Minor)
-“Nora” | Modern Drone Vamp – Practice Anything
-“Zoe” | Hard Funk Modal Vamp – Dorian
-“Olivia” | Deep Soul Vamp – Lydian Dominant – V7#11
-“Ava” | Rockin’ Funk Modal Vamp – Locrian
-“Lily” | Laid Back & Groovin’ Modal Vamp – Lydian
-“Emma” | Dark Rock Modal Vamp – Phrygian
-“Savannah” | Mixing Modes
-“Brooke” | Melodic Minor

Drum Beats – Backing Tracks

-“Stella” | Simple 4/4 Drum Beat
-“Shannon” | 4/4 Drum Beat
-“Rachel” | 6/8 Drum Beat
-“Loretta” | Country/Pop Brushed Drum Beat

Long Form – Backing Tracks

-“Chloe” | Fun and Smooth Major Blues
-“Avery” | Fun and Smooth Minor Blues
-“Katie” | Battle of the Keys – Circle of 4ths
-“Alexa” | Swampy Progression (1625 3625)