I am available for online guitar lessons. Each lesson has personalized lesson plans and goals that cater just to you. I know there’s not a one size fits all method.


I Offer


– Personalized Video Lesson – 

$25 ea. for 1 | $20 ea. for 4 or more

Send me a recording of you playing (mp3 or youtube link) and let me know what you’d like to work on or fix. You can also let me know of a topic and/or concept you’d like to go more in depth on. I will make a personal video for you detailing things to work on to improve your playing and ways to practice them. I will send you a video link via e-mail that will be private for you to keep. I will also give you a PDF tab of what I cover in the video lesson.

– Personalized Song Arrangement Instruction Video – 

$40 ea.

Perhaps you have a friends wedding coming up that you need an instrumental arrangement for or an instrumental arrangement for your own enjoyment. I’d be happy to help you along the way with a personalized lesson video. I will send you an instruction video (around 10-15 minutes long), a short video of me performing the song at a slow pace and a tab pdf “sketch” of the different sections of the song.

The videos and pdf will be private and yours to keep.

– Personalized Song Arrangement PDF – 

$15 ea.

If you’re not interested in having any video instruction I can make you a pdf “sketch” of a song or song arrangement you’re interested in learning!

Personalized Lesson Sample Video

Personalized Song Arrangement PDF Sample



How do I set up a Personalized Video Lesson, Personalized Song Arrangement Instruction Video or Personalized Song Arrangement PDF? –

Simply e-mail me at: gschmittling@gmail.com or fill out the form on my contact page! Once I receive your payment I’ll get working on your video. Typically within 48 hours you’ll have an e-mail that contains everything mentioned above. If for some reason I am unable to complete your order within 48 hours I will give you an estimated time frame to ensure that’s okay.

Why do you say “sketch” when referring to your PDF’s? –

I say “sketch” because it’s not a rhythmically correct PDF. I certainly wouldn’t mind doing that, but it is much more time consuming. Therefore the PDF’s I provide are much like the ones on the rest of this site. I provide the highlighted sections of the song in a written format. Not a transcription like you might find elsewhere. If you’d like a transcription feel free to e-mail me and we can see what we can work out!

What do you mean by “Song Arrangement”? –

I have a handful of video and audio examples where I perform solo acoustic arrangements of popular songs on my personal Website and Soundcloud. I label them as “Fingerstyle”. If you’d like a detailed explanation of something I’ve played or even something that’s not on there, I’m more than happy to arrange it and send a video and pdf explanation.

How do I pay? –

You pay via Venmo or Paypal, which are free online payment services . These are very reliable and safe services accepted by most online retail stores (ebay and amazon for example). You enter the amount, and select for “goods and service”, and it securely sends me your payment! Payments are due the morning of your lesson day, so before your lesson. (e-mail: gschmittling@gmail.com)