So this is a common theme that happens in a lot of songs… where the next chord comes just a “hair” early. The technical term (Anticipation) would be where the chord comes just a half beat early.

The way this works is going to be taking a rhythm (strumming pattern) and switching chords on the “+” (and) of 4. So in a rhythm like “Rhythm 3” on my rhythm sheet: 1 2 + 3 4 + we’d change to the next chord on the + of 4.

Typically the first beat (1) of the next measure is skipped and it either resumes on the “+” of 1 or on the 2.

You’ll notice that my “Rhythm 6” and “Rhythm 7” on my rhythm sheet already has the 1 skipped, so those are tailor made for this context. So feel free to start with “Rhythm 3” and then go to “Rhythm 6” or “Rhythm 7” for the “Jumped” chord.

Check out my free PDF on this for the explanation from the video. Dig!

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