Here’s a cool song that just hangs around A. Not too much here other than cool riffage. The Intro is around the Am Pentatonic Scale, the Main riff revolves around a pedal tone of A while using some triads to create movement around it and the “B Section” has some Pentatonic riffs and a few power chords and extended chords!

Check out my tab! Dig!

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1:08 – Minor Pentatonic Scales | CO 6/10
3:20 – Barred 7th Chords
3:20 – Pedal Tones (Static Bass Notes)
3:57 – Playing Triads (Whole Neck & All Strings!)
5:20 – Rhythms – Strumming the Guitar | BO 5/10
6:40 – Minor Pentatonic Scales | CO 6/10
6:55 – Power Chords (5 Chords)
7:48 – Extended Chord Shapes


 Funk #49 PDF, CAGED Pentatonic Scales, 7th Chords, Triads, Rhythms, Power Chords & Extended Chords

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