So you learned a bunch of extended chords and jazz inversions, but not sure how to implement them into your playing? Here’s something just for you! Here’s how we can interpret the jazz standard “Recordame” and extend each chord a little more than what the Real Book says.

Here’s the initial chord progression:
Am – Am – Am – Am
Cm – Cm – Cm – Cm
Bbmaj7 – Bbm7.Eb7 – Abmaj7 – Abm7.Db7
Gbmaj7 – Gm.C7 – Fmaj7 – E7#9

Here’s what I did to it:
Am – Am – Am – Am (using various Dorian Quartal Chords)
Cm – Cm – Cm – Cm (using various Dorian Quartal Chords)
Bbmaj7 – Bbm9.Eb13 – Abmaj7 – Abm9.Db13
Gbmaj9 – Gm11.C7#5#9.C7#5b9 – F6/9 – E7#9#11

This is just one way to do it, but a concrete way to see how we use the extended chords. Go ahead and try different extended chords, just make sure their type (maj7, dom7, m7) are correct and you’ll be good to go. Dig!

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Recordame | Extended Chords Example PDF, Extended Chord Shapes, Quartal Dorian Chords, Major 7 Inversions, 7th Chords

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