Here it is… the ultimate example of Hendrix’s rhythm style embellishments: the Little Wing Intro! I’m in standard tuning, which I prefer as I typically don’t detune to a half step down very often. The chord progression is:

Part 1:
Em – G – Am – Em

Part 2:
Bm.Bbm – Am.C – G.F – C – D

Be sure to check out my previous videos to understand where his note choices come from. When the singing starts, he starts improvising around some of the parameters I set. They’re more so guidelines so start experimenting! In this video, I tried to get as close as humanly possible to the original, but it was tough to shed some of my own things I added over the years to personalize it a bit more. Dig!

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Little Wing | Intro PDF, Open, Barre & Sus Chords, Fretboard/Note System

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