Here’s another great exercise to really let each scale shape sink in. Here we play diatonic 7th Arpeggios on each of the notes of the scale. I try to keep every 7th arpeggio limited to the shape of my scale shape to really get the most milage out of each scale shape. I only go through the C Shape Major Scale in the key of D. The diatonic 7th arpeggios in the key of D are:

Dmaj7 – Em7 – F#m7 – Gmaj7 – A7 – Bm7 – C#m7b5


To find out more about the chord numbers follow this link:

The shape of the arpeggios vary depending on the shape of the scale that we’re going through and which “number” of the scale we’re on.

Try these out with all of the shapes of the Major, Minor Mixolydian, Dorian, Lydian Dominant, Harmonic Minor… well every scale! I have a “Play Along” of each shape of the major scale available too.

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