This song has a killer groove and a killer riff… “Free Ride” by the Edgar Winter Group. I’ll give chords below but without the specific ways they’re played, it might not sound like the song. Be sure to get that tab to get the full picture!

G(slide) to A – G.D
D(hammer) to G – D.A

D5 – A | A-D/A-A

F#m.G – A (riff)
F#.G – D (riff)
F#m.G – D.D

The solo is mostly a mix between the A Major/A Minor Pentatonic Scale. I just go through the little interlude solo between the 1st Chorus and 2nd Verse. Dig!

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Free Ride PDF, Triads, Power Chords, Rhythms | Strumming Patterns, CAGED Pentatonic Scale Shapes