Want to loop better? Effects are cool and all but sometimes having a game plan before you loop can make it sound fuller without any extra gadgets! In this video I go through how to loop “G – D – Em – C” and steps to think about looping in general.

Each loop should have it’s own feel, space and even tone! For each loop give it it’s own pickup, tone knob setting and even it’s own place that you strum it (closer to the bridge will be brighter, closer to the neck will be warmer, in the middle will be… well… in the middle!)

Loop 1 – Open Chords and Simple Rhythm

Rhythm 5:
d d u u d u
1 2 + (3) + 4 +

Loop 2 – Barre Chords (or same open chords) – Strum and let ring out on beat “1”

Loop 3 – “Bass” Line

Rhythm for “Bass” Line
d u d u
1 (2) + 3 (4) +

Loop 4 – Higher Arpeggiation

Use a capo on the 7th fret and play “C-G-Am-F” chords
or use triads and pick strings

3 – 1-2-3 – 1-2-3 – 1

*More on why “C-G-Am-F” chords work in “Capo Thinkage” Link below

And boom! Your loop will sound nice and full without effects. If you do use effects, remember to let each loop have it’s own space and sound. Check out the PDF Below! Dig.

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How To Loop (G-D-Em-C) PDF, Open, Barre & Sus Chords, Rhythms | Strumming Patterns, Transitions | Switching Between Chords Steps, Triads, Theory

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