Here is the first part of my arrangement of “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley as a Chord Melody. I chose this song for a few reasons… 1) I love it 2) The intro could be played using some open strings and some of our “A Movable Chords” 3)It’s not terribly difficult for those looking to get more into this type of playing style.

I annotate between other lesson videos that go more in depth of certain topics discussed throughout this video! Have fun and look out for the next part in another two weeks!

Tabs are available below.

-Related Lessons-

0:52 – A Movable Open Chords (Ringing Two Strings)
1:05 – Intro to Chord Melody | Layla Outro
1:05 – Finger Picking Overview
3:05 – Playing Triads (Whole Neck & All Strings!)
3:14 – 6th String Barre Chords | BO 9/10
3:56 – Building Chords?! | UGT 2/8
3:56 – Extended (7 9 11 13) Chords?! | UGT 3/8


 Three Little Birds, Movable Chords E-A-D, Open Chords, Finger Picking Patterns & Triads

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