Switching between chords is a challenge for beginners and even for more advanced players looking to incorporate that tricky chord into their playing.

The basic idea is to have your strumming hand consistently strum regardless of what your chord hand is doing. Then you lift off early to get to the next chord on the “1” of the next measure.

We accomplish this through four steps (L O short for “Lift Off”):
1) Take a chord, strum a rhythm and lift off on the last 4 + (or down up)
-Stop. Reset. Repeat.

2) Take a chord, strum a rhythm and lift off but go back to the original chord on the 1 of the next measure.
-Constantly Strum. No Stopping.

3) Take two chords and strum a rhythm and lift of between each.
-Constantly Strum. No Stopping.

4) Try a whole progression with lifting off.
-Constantly Strum. No Stopping.

It’ll take a bit to get familiar with how it feels moving the chord while you’re still strumming but this is how it’s done. The biggest thing is to keep the time! Ideally, you want the smallest amount of “Lift Off” between each chord… that’ll come with time. If you need more at the beginning, “Lift Off” on the last + 4 + (up down up) of each chord. If you need less time, just lift off on the last + (up) of each chord.

The idea is to have both hands independent of each other. No one will mind the sound of the open strings if the rhythm is kept. The more you do this, easier it gets!

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