This is a long exercise but a great way to really get some arpeggios and scale shapes under our fingers. If I only have time for one exercise this is one of my go to’s!

The basic principle of it is to ascend 6 scale degrees then on the 7th scale degree, descend the diatonic 7th arpeggio. Then start from the 2nd note of the scale, ascend 6 scale degrees and descend on the 7th note the diatonic 7th arpeggio. You repeat the process.

I go through each CAGED Shape in the Key of D Major. You can move it to plenty of other modes (Mixolydian, Dorian, etc.) but be sure to stick within the CAGED Shape!

If this one seems a bit too tough at first be sure to look at the related lessons for a few exercises that may make this one easier. Dig!

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Advanced Scale & Arpeggio Exercise | 2 PDF, CAGED Scale Shapes

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