More Scales?! Yup! This one is the chromatic scale and while there are only 12 notes in Western Music, this scale resolves to the starting note so it contains 13.

The scale is basically much like my “1-2-3-4” finger excersise (linked below) but with a couple of rules to make sure we’re actually hitting all the notes and not skipping any.

Ascending: Move back (toward the nut) one fret
Descending: Move up (toward the bridge) one fret
2nd-3rd string or 3rd-2nd string don’t move and stay on that fret.

This is a great way to have a musical “mindless” finger exercise or take a chord tone and run it up this scale to resolve on the same chord tone.


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Chromatic Scale PDF, Basics, CAGED Arpeggio Shapes

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