So this video is about how you know your fretboard without memorizing it. This is about how you learn half of the fretboard (1st String, 5th String & 6th String). The basic principle is… utilize the fretboard!

*Here’s a follow up blog post that talks about how to know, not memorize, the rest of the strings: Know, Not Memorize, (The Rest Of) Your Fretboard

Now, there is some memorizing to get some “check points” using the dots. If you know the dots, and the note system (I annotated my note system video multiple times… it is vital to understanding the fretboard… where sharps/flats are etc.).

Dots on the 6th string:
3rd fret – G
5th fret – A
7th fret – B
9th fret – C#/Db
12th fret – E (same as open)

Then use barre chords to get use to the fretboards usage. It’s not exactly the most economic to play chord progressions only on one string but it does get you use to possibilites. Then we do the same thing with the 5th string.

Dots on the 5th string:
3rd fret – C
5th fret – D
7th fret – E
9th fret – F#/Gb
12th fret – A (same as open)

Then we do the same thing with the 5th string.

Then we can start switching between the 6th and 5th barre chords with the same progression and 5th and 6th.

So how do we get to know the 1st string? It’s the same as the 6th string (both E’s) so there’s how you can learn how to know the fretboard not memorize it. Use the fretboard, a lot. All the time. Don’t waste your time trying to treat it like a test, just use it in every context that you can.

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