So this one paired with my next video will give you access to the whole neck, using only two scale positions, which is why I call it the “Super Scale”. Sometimes learning all the scale positions just isn’t in the cards… plus you might (probably) won’t solo in all 5 scale positions. This is to simplify each scale by giving you the stuff most commonly used!

First we establish an “anchor fret”. This “anchor fret” is the fret where each string has a note on the same fret… where are first finger lies! We want to give this a neutral name because it’s the same regardless of whether it’s a minor or major pentatonic scale we’re doing this with.

So we have our major root (pinky), minor root (index) and now our anchor fret (index). We put our 3rd finger on the anchor fret and go: 1-3 1-3 Slide. Then go to the next string and 1-3 1-3 Slide. The second string is our “bugaboo” string so we move up one more fret (stupid 2nd string) and go 1-3 1-3 slide!

When I say 1-3, I do mean BEFORE our anchor fret, so be sure to watch for that.

To reverse, just say the same thing in reverse! Slide 3-1 3-1. Just watch out for that darn 2nd string.

Check out the tabs if you need some extra help. Dig!

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