Santana has to be one of the most musical guitarists ever. You can basically sing each of his solos! Here I go through the “Oye Como Va” solos and use this as a platform to talk about phrasing in general.

My Phrasing bullet points are:
1)Initial Phrase
2)Initial Phrase + Slight Change
(Change the last note | add a little “something” at the end – more notes | Change the Rhythm Slightly)
3)Initial Phrase Again
4)Change a lot of the Initial Phrase
(Change the last few notes | Climb further up the scale | Change Rhythm Dramatically)

The solos are in Am (Am Dorian to be exact) and the Chords are: Am – D. Have fun and check out the tabs. Dig!

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Oye Como Va Solo PDF, Phrasing Bullet Points, Dorian Scale Shapes, Pentatonic Scale Shapes

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