Rhythm Triads


Internalize triads that span across the entire fretboard.

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    Positions you can play triads over four chord progressions in 3 keys using the same shapes. There are 4 string sets: 1st – 3rd, 2nd – 4th, 3rd – 5th & 4th – 6th. Each string set is clearly written as a chord chart, tablature and standard notation.

    Here is a list of what is included in the download:

    -Three 16 page PDF Work Through’s – detailing triad positions over four chord progressions

    -PDF’s written as chord charts, tablature and standard notation

    -Audio Examples of each work through (at 120bpm)

    -Overview Video: detailing how to work through the exercises

    -Backing tracks of each Chord Progression at (60bpm, 90bpm, 120bpm in 5 Keys)

    -Document detailing time stamps, chord progressions and other vital details to working through the exercises

    Rhythm Triads PDF Preview

    Rhythm Triads_C_Preview

    Rhythm Triads mp3 Preview