… My Guitar Playing Seems Bland

It’s happened to everyone, where you’re playing and feel like your just recycling the same things over and over. The biggest thing is getting yourself out of your normal routine.

1) Only allow yourself to use new ways to play the chords

If you’re feeling like your recycling the same ‘ole same ‘ole, start using some different chord shapes. I love Triads as they’re small and a great way to incorporate some different type of Rhythm stuff… not just strumming chords.

Try new ways of picking chords. I like simple number combinations as a way to break out of this. If I take a simple Chord Progression like: D – A – G – D I can try a few different options:

Again, these are only a few options, give any combination in any position!

2) Only allow yourself to use new ways to solo

Take a new position and only allow yourself to stay there. Better yet take a few frets and force yourself to stay there. Sing your solos, move licks into different scales or even try the same licks in different positions.

3) Record Yourself.

Start listening to yourself as a listener for a change. What is it about your playing that’s making everything sound the same? The tempo? The rhythm choices? The note choices?

Everyone is different and needs to work on. I hope this gives you some insight on how you can change that.