Top 3 New Chord Types to Get You Out of a RUT

Do you remember that inspiring feeling when you learn a new chord as a beginner? I often find when everything is new it’s easy to get inspired. After you’ve been playing for awhile though, those days get further and further apart. Here are some chords that you can implement right away that will hopefully rekindle some of that inspiration:

Add 9 Chords

These are like super versions of major and minor chords. Playing a Major Chord? Turning it into an Add 9 will make it sound “super” major-y! Playing a Minor Chord? Turning it into an Add 9 will make it sound “Super” minor-y!

…yes… some of these are hard to grab. That definitely makes it all the more exciting when you can finally get it 🙂

Wide Interval (Open Voiced) Triads

These are often built around chord shapes you already know… but omitting a string or two can give it a totally fresh feeling.

Ringing Strings Chords

Okay, I know the title says three but there are five on the page… these next three are all the same concept, incorporating open strings, in three keys. So while we have to think of these are more key-centric, I still consider them all the same catagory.

Key of E

Key of A

Key of D

Yeah! Some new chord shapes. Feel free to use these as substitutions in songs you already know or have written, or use this to regain some of that child-like wonder you once had for the guitar.