These “Premium Lessons” are essentially ways to utilize and internalize concepts I’ve covered in my free lesson videos. I do not go through anything new. No new chords, scales, concepts, what I do, however, is cover how to utilize them and get to a point where you don’t have to think about them. Much of my teaching style is showing you big concepts and seeing how they apply to a majority of music. This is the reason why I chose to have short free lesson videos. Not to hope that you will purchase my paid lessons, but to show you everything you need to complete the puzzle. Whether or not you can fit the pieces together on your own can be tricky. Some people can learn a new concept and immediately work on using it in conjunction with everything else. Others need a push in seeing how this benefits or internalizing concepts. Teachers are best for that.

Why pay?!

Scheduling lessons are tricky but there’s nothing that can replace a teacher’s guidance. These are meant for those who are looking for internalizing concepts at their own pace. The ideal would be to take lessons with me (of course 🙂 ) or another suitable teacher (pains me to admit it but if it’s not me… other teachers are good too 🙂 ). Each video, backing track, play along, PDF and premium lesson takes a lot of time and effort (this is after-all a one man operation) and although I’d love to put everything out for free, I hope you can find some value in purchasing a guide to internalize many concepts I introduced you to for free.

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